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Lessons From the Powers That Be…

Not long ago, we wrote about Fixed, a mobile app for fighting parking tickets in the US. The idea was to automate the ticket paying process, while also checking for any common errors in the ticket and appealing it for you. Everyone thought it was a fantastic idea.

Well, almost everyone.

It seems city authorities haven’t taken too kindly to the idea, and now Fixed has been forced to suspend that operation in three of its top cities.

The problems started with San Francisco. Fixed began faxing its submissions to the authority last year, and the agency asked them to stop using their fax machine. Fixed pointed out that it was perfectly legal to fax submissions, and so the agency simply switched off their fax machine. Nice.

Then all three cities started trying to block Fixed from their ticket websites. Initially, it was easy enough for Fixed to get round, but then the cities hired a third-party company to do the blocking for them. Now it’s too costly for Fixed to maintain in the long term. And so the company has suspended that operation.

I’m sure there’s a cynical, depressing lesson to be learned in there somewhere…


How Easy Can We Make It to Buy Coffee?

With Starbucks launching its Mobile Order & Pay app recently, it was an exciting time for those of us too lazy to wait 3 minute for a coffee!

And I’m not being sarcastic. Demand has been high – in fact, 20%-of-all-in-store-transactions high. They’re processing nearly 9 million mobile transactions each week.

So now they’re, naturally, looking one step further – to trial two delivery services.

One will be in the Empire State Building in New York, to allow baristas to deliver coffee’s to anywhere in the building, and the other in Seattle, where they’ll partner with a courier company to deliver their coffee anywhere.

Just in case the thought of a 5 minute walk to the nearest store (Are they even that far apart?) is a little too much to bear…!


Pepsi Creates a Fizz in the Mobile Industry

Ok, so it’s a horrible pun, but Pepsi has confirmed it’s working on a line of mobile phones and accessories in China.

Baffling, to say the least!

But only 38.6% of the population in China are active smartphone users, and Pepsi has seen the potential for growth there, particularly among the under-25s.

And since they’re currently selling Pepsi branded socks successfully over there, maybe this isn’t such a random move after all…



Image credits: BBC, Revive Digital Media