Mobile Moments is our weekly round-up of what’s going on in the world of mobile & digital – plus insights into this week’s office shenanigans.


The Slow Road to Change

A new report released in the US today shows that, although the market is becoming more and more crowded (JPMorgan Chase just released their own), the uptake on “mobile wallets” has been slow.

One year after its release in the US, Apple Pay is the most popular and accounts for just 1% of all US transactions.

The study blames this sluggish uptake on security concerns, traditional habits and the fact that shops aren’t always advertising the fact they accept that form of payment.

It does go on to say, however, that consumer habits are changing constantly and that, at some point, it’s highly likely mobile wallets will be the standard for making payments.

We’re sure Marcus will be absolutely thrilled..!


People Get to Grips with Mobile Shopping

In another shout out to changing consumer habits, we have Facebook telling us that mobile shopping is on the up.

It found that out of all the transactions generated through its ad network, 30% of them took place on mobile devices, suggesting people are growing more comfortable with mobile shopping.

Maybe partly connected to the rise of mobile wallets, and the convenience and security they offer… Just a thought.

An App Done Right

Le Tote, a clothing rental company (I know, the concept seems crazy / awesome to me too), have launched an app this week.

With 60% of its traffic coming from the mobile web, the company said it knew it needed to start making serious moves into mobile.

The app isn’t just a carbon paste of their website, though; it does what every good app should do: personalise, streamline and give users the extra value that actually make it worth having.

Aside from making it easier to shop on your mobile, it lets you check the 7-day weather forecast so you can plan your wardrobe in advance (this feature may be over my head), look at what people are recommending for life events (think: “big night out” or “date night”), see what styles are trending in your areatote, and browse through exclusively mobile collections.


Image credits: TechCrunch, Apple